New Horizons Entertainment  
We are pleased to announce that
Becovillage, an international crowdfunding source,
has accepted New Horizons Entertainment as a
funding project. For investment details, go to

For Becovillage and New Horizons Entertainment, it seems appropriate that
crowdfunding be used to fund a 'crowdsourced' audio/ visual entertainment
               Who we are    
                       Welcome to the website of the new model for film  
                       making. We seek members worldwide who have
                       interest in producing films, but do not have   
opportunity to directly participate in the many creative decisions that
go into making a quality film.

Understand at the beginning, you will never be required to pay
anything to become a member of New Horizons Entertainment and
will have unlimited opportunity to participate fully in member activities.

The first and most crucial element in film making is the script. We
have one simple standard for our script. We want the best available
script we can select. This means going to traditional sources -
established script writers, agents, and creative writing schools - and
also our members. Our members are invited to submit their own
scripts for consideration. Writer identity will be obscured in the
selection process. All scripts submitted will be treated the same by
our Script Editor and Script Readers. We will write summaries of the
top three or four scripts and submit them to our members for vote on
which script they like best. The winner's name will be revealed and he
or she will be paid for the script and asked to join the director and our
line producer in completing the film.

Next step is selection of a director. We seek the best available person
to make the selected script into the best possible film. Our Executive
Producer and Line Producer will invite known directors with
experience and awards in the script genre to apply. We will also open
the selection process to any member who wants to apply. The top
three or four candidates will pitch themselves to our members and the
members will vote on whom they like best.

We then select a cast for the film. The line producer and director will
invite individuals they know for the various parts. We will open casting
to SAG members who want to apply. And, again, any member who
wants to audition will be given a script element to perform and invited
to submit their rendering for consideration. Members will review the
auditions of the top three or four candidates for each role and vote on
whom they want to appear in the film. Minor roles and extra work are
available to local members in the shoot area.

Finally, we will hire a Sound Director for each film whose responsibility
is to come up with the best theme and background music possible for
the film and will use traditional sources. We hope our members will
submit their own songs and scores for consideration. Our selection
standard is the same - we want the best regardless of source.
Members will listen to and vote on the top three or four scores

Depending on the film, we will go to members for submission of
props, wardrobe, shooting locales, and other film elements.

To maintain member interest during filming, we will send out a
reporter/ photographer with each film shoot. Our reporter will write a
daily filming report and work in human interest stories on cast and
crew members.

New Horizons Entertainment will also become the first common
website for independent film sales. Individuals, worldwide, can submit
their films to us for presentation, distribution, and sale. The
independent producer or director will be asked to create a trailer and
summary for presentation to our members. In addition, members who
purchase and watch these films will be asked to rate them. Ratings
will be displayed in the film catalogs.

How does New Horizons Entertainment make a profit if everything is

We are testing a basic concept. A member who participates in making
a film will want to purchase a download or DVD of the completed film.
We will make the purchase even more attractive by listing the
member's name as Associate Producer in the credits of the film
provided, of course, that the member actually participated in the film
creation. That is our expected primary revenue source - sale of DVDs
and downloads to our members. Enough members come to our
website and we can sell advertising as the other websites do. Lastly,
we sell our films to the traditional markets - distributors, Walmart,
cable tv, ... - after member sales are completed.

Heard enough? We are not yet funded. It is very difficult to fund a
startup venture let alone an internet based concept. Internet investors
were burned in the Dot Com Bust and have overreacted to new
concepts. They will invest in a website after it has gained traction. But,
I am not clever enough to test member participation in film makings
without actually making a film. Film investors tend to think in the box.
Since dawn of silent films, the studios have created and used "stars"
to sell films. Independents look for dynamite scripts, film festival
recognition, and maybe a name actor to sell their films. None of this
applies to New Horizons Entertainment. I hope we never use a name
actor, we build our audience as we produce a film.

The guiding principles for the NHE film making model are contained in
the ground breaking The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki
published in 2004. In his book, Surowiecki maintains that a diverse
collection of independently-deciding individuals is likely to make
certain types of decisions and predictions better than individuals or
even experts. Who better knows your taste in films than you?

Please keep coming periodically. We will be funded and you will see a
quality website at this address. I hope you elect to become a member.