Tim Murray, CEO
Script Submission
We seek crowdfunding through Becovillage.  Dave Sleuwaegen
of Becovillage has suggested that we begin our membership
drive with our crowdfunding campaign. To have a film in place
when we launch our website (not this crude website I put
together myself), we must start with an existing script and
hopefully offer our members opportunity to vote on cast of the
first film and subsequent creative decisions. We will seek
scripts for our second, a comedy, and Dave suggested we start
with our crowdfunding investors and others who may want to
sign on as members.
Script Guidelines
I am a writer, a good writer, but not great.


I have decided to use my writings as the 'Mendoza Line' for script submissions. Those of you not familiar with
American baseball terms, and that is likely most of you, Mario Mendoza was a shortstop whose batting
average, .200, is taken to be the threshold for a position player in Major League Baseball.


In other words, submitted scripts should be better than my writing to be considered for filming by our company.
I am sure we will come up with better standards later.

We will hire a Script Editor who will gather scripts from as many sources as possible. These will include writing
schools, writing clubs, and professional script writers. I will contact leading writers and ask that they submit
scripts derived from their novels. We want to set the bar very high for our scripts. Every great film begins with a
great script and that is what we want for each of our films.

All a script writer has to do to win is be the best. Agents, connections, even prior experience do not count. Just
be the best as determined by our members.

I pledge that every script submitted will be treated equally regardless of source. Going in, every script
submitted has equal opportunity to be selected for the script we produce. And, in addition to the honor of being
selected best by our members, the writer of the winning script will paid $100,000. Unlike scripts selected by
the Major Studios for production, we will not have the time nor inclination to alter the scripts we produce,
another reason top writers may want to submit scripts to us.

Our Script Editor will assemble groups of member volunteers and professional script readers to review each
script submitted. From all scripts submitted, we will select three or four for submission to a member vote and
our members will select the winner.

But unlike the studios, for each script we decline, we will send a summary, by script element, of why the script
was not selected along with suggestions on how the submission could be improved. We will also list books
and other resources to help writers improve. It is our intent to encourage writers to improve their writing and
submit scripts for upcoming films. In watching American Idol over the years, the talent level has increased each
year and I think it is because 'losers' from prior years work at improving their performance and returning. We
want the same for script writers, directors, and actors - opportunity to grow and become better.

My advice to script writers is focus on basics. Develop an entertaining story with interesting characters and
dialog. If you are writing a comedy, your story should be funny. If you are writing a thriller, there needs to be
tension and suspense. And so on. Don't have unintentional spelling errors and grammar errors in your

When we are funded and have the website we want, we will include a formal procedure for script submission.
For now, submit your script to me. In your submittal, include your name, email address, and the genre of your
script. By genre, I mean thriller, comedy, action/ adventure, family, ... We will produce films in all popular
genres and start collecting comedy script for our next film.

Send you script to me at tim.murray@makeafilm.net. You will need to join as a member later. All our scripts will
come from members, but no cost and little time to become a member. You do not have to invest in our
company to submit an initial script.