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Tim Murray

As far as doing anything with New Horizons Entertainment, you will
have to wait until we are funded and operational.

If you would like to work with us, send a resume to me and indicate
what position you want to fill. On funding, we will hire in rapid order

Script Editor - his or her primary responsibility is supervising a group
of script readers in going through the scripts submitted to identify the
top three or four for member vote. The script readers can be
anywhere with internet access. The script editor should be with us at

Independent Film Sales Manager - we need someone to bring
independent films to our website and ensure they are properly
promoted, priced, distributed, and rated. This is a headquarter

Post Production Supervisors - are responsible for the post production
process during which they maintain clarity of information and good
channels of communication between the Producer, Editor,
Supervising Sound Editor, the Facilities Companies (such as film
labs, CGI studios and negative cutters) and the Production
Accountant. Although this is not a creative role, it is pivotal in ensuring
that the film's Post Production budget is manageable and achievable,
and all deadlines are met.

Assistant Producers - carry out significant functions in the production
or post-production process which would otherwise be performed by
the Producer, Executive Producer or Co-Producer. These
responsibilities, in our company, may include selection of top
candidates for directing and acting positions in upcoming films and
supervising the final stages of post-production.  

Multimedia Producer/ Information Architect - are responsible for
identifying and specifying projects' high-level media requirements or
purpose such as television, magazine or Internet advertising, press
releases and public relations, and ensuring that its business
objectives and creative vision are understood and maintained by
everyone involved in the project. This is a senior role that requires
combinations of expertise in business, management, content, design
and technical disciplines. It has a close relationship that often
overlaps with that of the Information architect.r

Social Community Coordinators - will work for the Executive Producer
and line producers in doing whatever needs done. I see them
spending much time in screening director and cast applicants.

Production Accountant - probably two individuals who will work with
the line producers in tracking film costs and ensuring these expenses
are properly recorded and managed.

Reporter - at least two individuals who will go out with the film crews,
write daily film reports, interview and photograph crew and cast
members, and set up and supervise crew, cast, and management